Halifax is all a-twitter!

In halifax social media on November 10, 2008 at 3:14 pm

Microblogging has already revolutionized the way conferences and unconferences alike are held. If you were anywhere near Twitter during SXSW 2008, you couldn’t escape the tales of both late-night debauchery at the parties and on-stage debauchery during a particularly memorable interview with Mark Zuckerberg.

Halifax and area was quick to get on board the Twitter train, quickly establishing a network of connections bringing together personal bloggers, students, and industry folks for lots of meaningful – and just as much meaningless – discussion. I mean, who can forget the Pomegranate Phone throw-down?

With Podcamp Halifax just around the corner, it’s time to get engaged. Sign up for your free twitter account and connect with the local twitterati. From up to the second updates on what’s going on in the area, to debates on the best pub in town, you’ll get it all. Be sure to leave your username in the comments,

We’ll tag our event-related tweets with #podcamphfx so keep an eye out!

  1. Have you considered adding a twitter feed through an RSS widget?

  2. @spidervideo

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