From the Fishbowl to the Bunny Slope

In ideas, presentations on December 18, 2008 at 3:33 pm

Thanks Joi!

Thanks Joi!

Halifax has long been famous for community connections.   Anyone who has visited quickly becomes surprised at how everyone knows each other.  The phrase “it’s a small world” is almost our city motto.   And with social media, the world is getting even smaller.   Or perhaps not?   To some, social media is as far away as a fishbowl on Mars.   We want podcamp to bring it a bit closer.   Our strategy?   The “bunny slope stream.”


We want a place for the people in our community who never heard of terms like “Twitter”, “Fishbowl,” “Monetization,” or “Chris Brogan” to have a landing space where they can get the basics and discuss their reservations, fears, enthusiasms etc..   How do you start a blog?   What is a wiki for?   Why are people using Twitter?   How can I keep track of all this information (RSS)?    Librarians like Ryan Deschamps and Alison Ambi will do their part, but we would really like to get bumped by another community member who dares to think they could do a better job.   In short, this is your opportunity to reach outside the fishbowl and help people understand what is happening to their world.

So, do you have the cahones to be willing to make a social media newbie feel at home among a bunch of social media geeks?    Just go to the presentation page on the wiki and add your name, topic and technical needs to a spot in the bunny slope.   Remember the wiki key is “alderney.”

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