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Podcamp Halifax News Round-up

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Spider Video’s coverage (broken up into five parts each) of:

Andrew Baron’s keynote ,  Craig Moore and Graeme Spicer

Paul Wesson’s coverage of Tweepler, Joel Kelly and Jeff White:  HERE


Podcamp Halifax: Unfriend someone today [OneDegree.ca]

Podcamp Halifax: Social media in Atlantic Canada [OneDegree.ca]

Podcamp Halifax: Does design even matter? [OneDegree.ca]

Podcamp Halifax: Rocketboom’s Andrew Baron [OneDegree.ca]

Legal issues in Social Media with David Fraser [Slaw.ca]

A Podcamp virgin [Digital Mayhem]

Podcamp Halifax [SocialMedia404]

Podcamps in Libraries [TheOtherLibrarian]

Does design even matter anymore? [Brightwhite.ca]

OpenStreetMap [wlach]

Podcamp Halifax 2009 [Hollis Bartlett Web Design]

Podcamp Halifax Awesomeness [Dave Everyday]

A few notes on Andrew Baron’s presentation [TwitWall]

Podcampin’ [TheDartmouthSoundsystem]


What is Social Media?

Social Media for Non Profits And Special Causes


Paul Wesson’s Photoset

Dave Emmett’s Photoset

Chris Campbell’s Photoset

Halifax Regional CAP Photoset

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For everyone looking for videocasts of our Podcamp Halifax presentations, stay tuned! We’re hard at work to get them all up and running for you. For now, check out this great video recap from presenter John Sheridan at SocialMedia404.

Soundtrack courtesy of Michelle. Great Twitter serenade!

Share links to your blog posts, flickr sets and videos in the comment section!

Thanks for tweeting!

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That’s right, folks! We made the top twitter trends for today all thanks to you. If you couldn’t make it, click here to check out the live twitter feed for all the links, behind-the-scenes, and commentary from the first ever Podcamp Halifax.

Podcamp Halifax starts now!

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We made it!

It’s been an amazing few months getting ready for the first ever Podcamp Halifax and we’re so happy to have watched the community pull together to make this event happen. With 240 people registered, a full roster of presenters, and keynote Andrew Baron alive and well after his first experience at a Halifax pub, we can already call Podcamp Halifax a huge success.

We’re already at Alderney Gate putting the final touches on the venue but we can’t wait to see you and get the show on the road. For those who can’t make it, stay tuned for video of as many presentations as we can cover or keep an eye on #podcamphfx on Twitter for the latest updates as they happen.

Thanks again for your support as this has all come together and let’s make sure we rock this!

Take a little Podcamp home with you

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PrintWe’re in the home stretch, folks! We’re a mere two sleeps away from Atlantic Canada’s first Podcamp event at Alderney Gate. Hopefully you’re already registered and hyped up for what’s sure to be an incredible day. But why let the fun stop there?

Make sure you bring $10 with you so you can bring home this classy t-shirt commemorating the inaugural Podcamp Halifax. It’s good for the office, social occasions, weddings, dates and job interviews. Trust us.


Podcamp Halifax Sold Out!

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Thanks Cleverclevergirl

Thanks Cleverclevergirl

So much for thinking we would have about 100 people!   On Thursday, January 15th, we sold out the last of 200 tickets to Podcamp Halifax!    We are absolutely overwhelmed by the response for this event and cannot wait to meet everyone.

We do have a waiting list available.   You can get on the waiting list by contacting either Craig or Ryan via Twitter  or sending an email to podcamphalifax [at] gmail.    We are going to do our best to make sure that everyone who really wants in gets to come.

Blogger Badges. Show your Podcamp Halifax Pride!

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Thanks to the suggestion by Kate over at One Degree we had Kyle Racki from HeadSpace Design and Interactive whip us up a couple of cool blogger badges that you can downoad to place on your upcoming blog posts about this fantastic event of ours (and yours). Feel free to drop them on posts, sidebars, email attachments, headers, footers, bicepers…well you get it. We’ll even give special attention to body tattoos. Just make sure to link the button back to http://podcamphalifax.ca. Thanks for the support and we will see you all on the 25th.

Podcamp Halifax Button Podcamp Halifax Badge

The Podcamp Programme

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8:30 am:  Registration

9:00 am:  Introduction / Orientation

9:15 am:   1st Session (see the wiki)

10:00 am:  Nutrition break (provided in Helen CreightonRoom)

10:15 am:  2nd Session (see the wiki)

11:00 am:  3rd Session (see the wiki)

12:00 am:  Lunch (see list of local restaurants)

1:30 pm:   Keynote Speaker:   Andrew Baron from Rocketboom in the Alderney Landing theatre

2:45 pm: Nutrition Break (provided in Starr Room)

3:00 pm:  4th Session (see the wiki)

4:00 (until 5pm):  Panel and recap of the day with Connie Crosby and Eden Spodek


Get Set to Launch with RocketBoom

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It’s offical as we can get so we can now tell everyone the Andrew Baron, founder of Rocketboom.com will be our featured guest for Podcamp Halifax.  This is a gracious and fantastic offer for Rocketboom to be part of this inagural event.  See more about RocketBoom and Andrew Baron.  Also subscribe to their show and give up some support.