Podcamp Halifax News Round-up

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Spider Video’s coverage (broken up into five parts each) of:

Andrew Baron’s keynote ,  Craig Moore and Graeme Spicer

Paul Wesson’s coverage of Tweepler, Joel Kelly and Jeff White:  HERE


Podcamp Halifax: Unfriend someone today [OneDegree.ca]

Podcamp Halifax: Social media in Atlantic Canada [OneDegree.ca]

Podcamp Halifax: Does design even matter? [OneDegree.ca]

Podcamp Halifax: Rocketboom’s Andrew Baron [OneDegree.ca]

Legal issues in Social Media with David Fraser [Slaw.ca]

A Podcamp virgin [Digital Mayhem]

Podcamp Halifax [SocialMedia404]

Podcamps in Libraries [TheOtherLibrarian]

Does design even matter anymore? [Brightwhite.ca]

OpenStreetMap [wlach]

Podcamp Halifax 2009 [Hollis Bartlett Web Design]

Podcamp Halifax Awesomeness [Dave Everyday]

A few notes on Andrew Baron’s presentation [TwitWall]

Podcampin’ [TheDartmouthSoundsystem]


What is Social Media?

Social Media for Non Profits And Special Causes


Paul Wesson’s Photoset

Dave Emmett’s Photoset

Chris Campbell’s Photoset

Halifax Regional CAP Photoset

Are we missing yours? Add it in the comments!

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