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Podcamp Halifax 2010 – January 24th

In getting organized, podcamp news, presentations on November 23, 2009 at 4:21 pm

Shoot Again

I can’t say much more except that yes, for sure, we are going to do Podcamp Halifax in 2010.   Once we confirm the location, we will be updating the wiki where people will be invited to offer their presentation on whatever topic interests them.    Then, we’ll open up the Eventbrite site like we did last year.   Also, if you have Google Wave, you can find a Wave that discusses possible presentation topics.  Just do a search for ‘with:public podcamp’ and you’ll find us!   The twitter tag is podcamphfx, just like last year.

Last year we sold out all 200 available tickets and put 50 more in a waiting list.   That means you probably want to book yourself in early!   The event will still be free, and yes, we will be looking for sponsors.