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Wanted: Battledecks Slides in Powerpoint

In getting organized, ideas, partners on December 24, 2009 at 10:00 am

For this year’s podcamp, we would like to try a Battledecks competition.   To do this, we need Powerpoint slides, let’s say anywhere from 1 to 5 slides of different styles.   You should send the slides or questions to the Podcamp Halifax gmail account, which, unsurprisingly, would be Podcamp Halifax put together without spacing followed by an ‘at gmail.’

Great slides would be any of the following:

  • funny
  • obtuse
  • goofily analytical with graphs and matrices
  • pushing the boundary of good taste without ever crossing it
  • would pretty much fill any basic color background

In return, we’ll give you credit on the powerpoint and blast it on the internet in podcamp style.

Now, if you do not know what battledecks is – take a look at this video of a Battledecks competition from SXSW.   Mike Monteiro also released some sample Battledecks slides.

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