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Podcamp, accommodations AND a cruise??

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Halifax-Dartmouth FerryIt’s true! Here in Halifax we know how to treat visitors right. That’s why we’re doing all we can to make your visit for Podcamp Halifax as comfy-cozy as an East Coast January can be.

Two generous volunteers have already started up our Adopt-a-Podcamper program to match visitors with free lodgings courtesy of local social media enthusiasts. Hey, if you can hit them up on Twitter then you can certainly crash on their couch, right? If you’re looking for a place to rest your head after a long day of innovation, you can submit your name here and we’ll do all we can to help you out. Read the rest of this entry »


From the Fishbowl to the Bunny Slope

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Thanks Joi!

Thanks Joi!

Halifax has long been famous for community connections.   Anyone who has visited quickly becomes surprised at how everyone knows each other.  The phrase “it’s a small world” is almost our city motto.   And with social media, the world is getting even smaller.   Or perhaps not?   To some, social media is as far away as a fishbowl on Mars.   We want podcamp to bring it a bit closer.   Our strategy?   The “bunny slope stream.”


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Facebook Group too

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Thanks Laughing Squid!

For all you Facebook-ers we also have opened a Facebook group. Connect and spread the word HERE.

Don’t forget to tell everyone you’re coming on the wiki HERE with the password alderney. Get yourself a bit of free publicity too :).

More news soon!

Press Release: ‘Unconference to Bring Techies and Hobbyists Together’

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December 11, 2008                                                                                         

HALIFAX, NS – When online video entrepreneur Craig Moore volunteered to help organize something called a ‘Podcamp’ in Halifax, he never could have anticipated the excitement that would be sparked. 

“When we started, we thought we would gather 30 or 40 of our friends together to chat about podcasting and blogs,” said Moore. “When we finally announced that we were doing it, we immediately had replies from people who had booked their flight that day from Toronto.”

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How Have You Shaped Podcamp Halifax So Far?

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Thanks Kirsty Pargeter!

Thanks Kirsty Pargeter!

Social media is amazing.   We haven’t even touched traditional promotion and two months ahead of the game we have 40 people registered and thirteen presentations offered.   Many of those who have offered presentations haven’t registered yet.   Go figure.  🙂  We have people confirmed to be coming from as far as Toronto, St. John’s and Moncton.  


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